Baby Naming Days

Baby Naming Days are non-secular ceremonies, which offer a fantastic alternative to religious baptisms or christenings.   The naming ceremony is a celebration by all of the people involved in your child’s life. It is an opportunity for you to state in front of your family and friends the unconditional love and care, support and encouragement that you will continue to provide as a parent.

Just by holding a naming ceremony, you are expressing that your child is a very important member of your family. The naming ceremony can be the basis of a very special family gathering, and can be a wonderful video and photographic record for your child.

Step children and adopted children can be welcomed into their new or extended family with a naming ceremony and adults who have outgrown their birth names may find a new sense of identity through choosing their own name which has more significance for them.

As each family is different, the naming ceremony is individually tailored to suit your own particular circumstances.    If you would like to discuss a Naming Day with me I would be happy to meet with you for a “no obligation” discussion.
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