Coping with the death of a family member or friend can arouse all sorts of issues, one of the first of which is arranging the funeral.     Funeral and memorial services may be about the person who died, but they are for the people who continue to live and need a ceremony to process their grief.

In this time of grieving, you will need the expertise of a funeral celebrant who can comfort you, whilst being able to focus on creating a professional service. You also need to trust your celebrant to deliver a service that highlights the life a loved one.   I believe that a funeral ceremony should be more a celebration of a life now past.

Funeral Services come in many and varied forms.   Often the style of a funeral service depends on the age of the person who has passed away and the circumstances in which they passed.    It is something that we must all think about and plan for to some extent.

Whether you want to organize a reverent and traditional service or a more light-hearted celebration of a life, I can provide guidance and compassion in making the occasion exactly what you want.

Meeting with families and friends to discuss a funeral often gives people an opportunity to talk about the deceased person and discuss their various memories of that person.   A personal funeral service, properly prepared and delivered with care and sensitivity helps people live through their feelings, recognize the reality of death and assists grieving people to work toward living normally without that person.
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