my promise

My Commitment To You Both

I consider it an honour and privilege to be able to conduct marriage ceremonies and I will perform this duty to the highest level of professionalism.

I will respect the importance of your marriage ceremony and respect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone involved

I will offer help and guidance to enable you to choose or compose a marriage ceremony that will meet your needs and expectations.

I will always be available to assist with any part of the planning of your wedding.    You may come along and discuss your special day as many times as is necessary to reassure you that everything will be perfect on the day.

I will ensure accuracy in the preparation of documents, and in the conduct of the marriage ceremony.  I will ensure that all relevant documents are completed and sent to the appropriate registering authority within 14 days after the marriage ceremony, as required by section 50 of the Marriage Act 1961.   I will provide facilities for the secure storage of records.

Within a reasonable time before the marriage ceremony I will confirm all details with you and ensure the return of all personal documents belonging to you, unless it is necessary to keep the documents for the ceremony.

I will ensure that my personal presentation is of an appropriate standard for the marriage ceremony and will consult with you as to what you would like me to wear.

One of the most frequent complaints about a marriage celebrant is that they have arrived late, hurried through the ceremony and left as soon as possible afterwards  ~  presumably to perform another wedding.

It is my firm commitment to you that I will not agree to perform another wedding ceremony on the same day as your ceremony.

I will arrive at the venue 30-40 minutes prior to the ceremony, or at a time specified by you, and I will remain at the venue for as much time as is necessary after the ceremony to ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction.